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Travel Grant History

 The AERGC Travel Grant was initiated in 2001 by the Special Projects Committee.  Each year grants of up to $1000 are awarded to selected recipients. It is our hope that AERGC Travel Grants will be matched by additional funding from the member's institution.
 2001  Maya Richmond
 Eugene Reiss
Betsy Cobb
 2002 Dawn Bauman
Alan Chryst
Dian Huling
 2003 Bruce Blevins
Linda Locatelli
Johanna Oosterwyk
Chris Tarrant
 2004 Stacey Sickeler
Michael Axelrod
Teddi Bloniarz
 2005 Jim Kramer
Steve Meyer
Michael Mucci
 2006 Darrell White
Natasha Shipman
Barb Wiehe
 2007 Tom Lemieux
Jonathan Ertelt
Meredith Blumthal
 2008 Anthony Laquitara
Mark Hurt
Dahlia Wist
Julie Christiansen
 2009  Kim DeLong
Normand Hotte
Debbie Black
Chris Bollick
 2010 Mark Omi
Betty Morgavan
Clinton Morse
Laura Van der Staay
 2011 Colleen Armstrong
Sherry Chan
Suzanne Hostetter
 2012 Mo Fayyaz
Ruth Green
Laura Van der Staay
 2013 Nick Gershberg
Emily Yoders-Horn
Michael Mucci
Mo Fayyaz
Mike Bordelon
William Gresh
 2014 Joan Lee
William Weigle
Elizabeth Lamb
Joan Leonard
Bethany Evans
 2015 Byron Thomas
Clinton Morse
Steve Meyer
Mi Yeon Lee
Jean-Marie Sobze
Lori Osburn
 2016 Rob Eddy
Michael Russell
Steve Meyer
Bethany Evans
William Weigle
Mo Fayyaz
 2017 Steve Meyer
Samara Gray
Julie Renee Thayer
Kandy Hanthorn
James Grogan
Cara Streekstra
 2018 Joe Florentine Samara Gray
John Hardy Elizabeth Hayes Jason Lopez Steve Meyer Lynn Nichols Jean-Marie Sobze Jason Young Michael Mucci